Child Custody Investigations

Are you facing a court custody battle? VF Investigations Can gather information for your case. If you are accused falsely of neglect or abuse you will need proof otherwise, our investigators can gather information to strengthen your case.


Domestic Surveillance

Do you suspect theft in the home? Is your spouse displaying suspicious behaviors? Do you want to be positive that your child is where they claim to be? VF Investigations has the tools to help you put your skepticals aside with our team gathering data.


Divorce Investigations

VF Investigations has the experience to help you gather the proper information needed to take the next steps when you are considering a divorce. Many times when a spouse suspects adultery their suspicions are often correct.

Private Investigations

VF Investigations are experienced and qualified using a variety of methods such as surveillance, witness interviews, and records research.

Missing Person

Do you have a witness not show up to the hearing? VF Investigations can help you track and locate that person to allow the court process to continue.


Workmans Comp

Do companies decide that they just won’t pay? Of course not with VF Investigations allow us to gather proof, so you get paid. Take control of your case with our help.

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